10 Best Youtube channels for Civil Engineers

Learning Civil Engineering on Youtube

One hour of video is uploaded every second on to Youtube. Similar to websites, Youtube channels are growing at a rapid pace. Understanding a concept becomes more easy with the visual aids like videos. Also, learning software has became more efficient since the advent of the Online Video Streaming Giant Youtube. The time wasted in searching for a good channel can be spent on something more productive or learning something from the same Youtube platform. So, to save your time, we have worked on youtube  in quest of great channels that serve Civil Engineering needs better and listed these Top 10 Youtube channels for Civil Engineers.

best civil youtube channel
Top civil channels

1. NPTEL Civil Engineering Channel

NPTEL is a wonderful platform to learn concepts of Civil Engineering from Professors of Indian Institutes of Technology. This Channel contains all the courses that are being taught on NPTEL website. These are the video lectures on all Civil Engineering Branches that include Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Construction Management, Transportation Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Engineering Geology, Building Materials, and so on..

NPTEL civil youtube channel

Anyone can participate in these courses on NPTEL and get access to these videos.
Link to NPTEL Youtube Channel: Go to Link

2. Structurefree

This is a youtube channel with a lot of videos on Structural Engineering. This channel includes playlists of Civil Materials Tests, Reinforced concrete analysis and design, Engineering Dynamics, Structural Dynamics, Structural Analysis, Statics, Mechanics of materials and 3D structural Analysis.
Quoting the exact lines from Stucturefree Channel:
“I believe anyone can learn anything with motivation and good coaching. I try to make engineering/science concepts a little easier to comprehend by breaking it down (chicka-chicka). This channel is one of the ways I support the students I work with at the University of the Pacific (engineering.pacific.edu). I'm a professor, a licensed engineer with degrees in civil/structural engineering, and a wannabe baller. Don't be homeless, be a homey”
Go to: Structurefree channel

3. Civil Engineering Channel

With 27,000 subscribers, this channel has got some good videos from which Civil Engineers can benefit from. This is the official YouTube Channel of website: www.thecivilengg.com. With animations and tutorials, this channel covered many concepts of civil engineering and construction.
Go to: Civil Engineering Channel

4. Gregory Michaelson

This is a youtube channel by Gregory Michaelson with videos mainly on structural engineering. This channel contains various lecture series on Finite Element Analysis, Reinforced Concrete design, bridge engineering etc.
Go to:  Gregory Michaelson channel

5. Civil Engineering Academy

Civil Engineering Academy channel’s videos are for the students preparing for competitive exams.  This channel contains FE and PE videos and problems explained.
Contents: Transportation, Water resources, Structures, Geotechnical Engineering.
Go to: Civil Engineering Academy channel

6. Dr. Structure

Dr. Structure is another youtube channel on Structural Engineering produced by Educative Technologies, LLC.
It contains the concepts of
Structural Analysis: Statically Determinate Beams
Structural Analysis: Stability
Truss Analysis: Method of Joints
Analysis of Beams having one or more Internal Hinges
and so on..

7. CAD CAM Tutorials

AutoCAD Tutorials for beginners, intermediate & advanced users. These tutorials are suitable for Mechanical, Civil & Electrical Engineers. Videos are uploaded on following topics:
- AutoCAD Basic Beginner Tutorials
- AutoCAD 3D Modeling Tutorial
- AutoCAD 3D Mechanical Objects Tutorials
- AutoCAD House Floor Plan, Elevation & Cross Section Tutorial
- AutoCAD 3D House Modeling Tutorial
- AutoCAD Perspective View with Materials, Sun Effect, Sky Background Tutorial
- AutoCAD Lighting & Rendering Tutorial.

8. L & T - Learning Technology (HINDI)

This channel contains technical lectures on "Civil Engineering" from personal field experience. Watch videos and playlist from the field of Civil Engineering. With over 44,000 subscribers, this channel contains many videos on Civil Engineering.

9. Civil Engineers

This the civil engineering channel by Sami Ullah Stanikzai.
Its contents are surveying lectures and Autocad 2D and 3D.


This Channel contains a few videos on Civil Engineering which are very useful.


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